The Great Brutskie


The Great Brustkie plays on the spirit of the Roaring Twenties  This was marked by an exploration of a general feeling of novelty associated with modernity and a break with tradition, through modern technology such as automobiles, moving pictures, and radio, which brought “modernity” to a large part of the population. At the same time, jazz and dancing rose in popularity, in opposition to the mood of World War I.

We hope that you experience our beer as a break from traditional lager using modern industrial techniques and raw material combinations to produce a beer that will lift your mood in these deeper pandemic days.

440ml Can

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If you are looking for a BJCP lager, this is not it.  This beer uses a lager yeast but can not be further from any lager you have ever had. Although BJCP is important, in dictated beer style competitions, it has no place judging this beer.

This lager beer explores processing and raw materials and the impact on flavour from several angles.

  1. Mashing – High Temperature Reverse Decoction Infusion Mashing for colour and flavour but with a general gelatinisation benefit of grains used. This process was also fundamental in the BRUT process we employed.
  2. BRUT – Employing enzyme solutions to achieve 1.000 SG and elevated CO2 in can.
  3. Raw materials – Rye malt and torrefied oats to support and complexify the flavour and mouthfeel with the brut and hopping approach.
  4. Using Idaho 7 and Strata for hop flavour

This was going to be in the Brut style using a lager yeast. This Brut Lager style is great dry beer clean and refreshing beer while preserving some mouthfeel due to the raw materials and mashing profile employed.  This is 2021.  In a pandemic we need chaos and mayhem in flavour from a seemingly mundane beer style.

We wanted to make a brut and use process and raw materials to complex it.  The mashing profile was reverse Infusion mashing stepped up from 85 C to 65 C.  This resulted in an increase in colour and some flavour development but with some preservation of mouthfeel.  The high temperature mashing was also excellent in ensuring gelatinisation all around.

The 2-step approach in mashing allows for the use of a high temperature alpha amylases.  The mash stand is then quenched to 65C and 2 synergistic beta-amylases were added to increase fermentability to eventually allow as close to 1.000SG as possible.  The mashing regime made sure that all starch from all the grains were converted to fermentable sugars.  Leaving us with a rather thin and dry beer.

To contradict this and add complexity to the beer, we have included Rye malt and Torrefied oats.  Rye malt gives a great fullness and richness to a beer with a spicy finish which we thought would go well with the overall flavour and mouthfeel.  The oats was added with the intent to reduce the astringency of any hop bite that may come from using this much aroma hops with a brut lager style beer.  The torrefied oats came with all its husk and would also assist lautering.

The hops used in this beer was specially chosen and brought in for this project.  Both hops are relatively new hop varieties from the USA.  Idaho 7 was released in 2015 and Strata in 2018.  These hops are not just the typical IPA/Pale ale hop characters.

These 2 hops were primarily used together due to the complex nature of their flavour profiles.  The strata hop flavours include dried and fresh fruit flavours with some passion fruit and notes of dried chilli and cannabis-like notes.  Idaho 7 has more of a zesty tangerine and marmalade character with a pleasant herbal and citrus reminiscent of a fine earl grey tea.

We believe the mixture of these 4 elements in the design of this beer is a unique and refreshing take on a lager with a brut process finish.  A beer full of flavour and aroma.  A taste that finishes dry but not thin and boring.

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